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Did you know? Lung cancer kills X2 more women than breast cancer!

Lung cancer is on the increase worldwide, and while in men the incidence and mortality has decreased, in women it is going in the opposite direction and the no of deaths are higher than for breast cancer ( Rodriguez 2021).

Lung cancer Is actually the leading cause of mortality in both women and men In 2022 More than 350 people will die each day from lung cancer, which is more than breast, prostate, and pancreatic cancers combined ( Siegel 2022)

Women have a 1 in 16 lifetime risk of developing lung cancer regardless of smoking status, and 50% are diagnosed at advanced stages (North, Christianin 2013)

Lung cancer has increased even in young and non-smoking women worldwide. ( Siegel 2022)

81% of lung cancer deaths will be caused by cigarette smoke directly and 3% due to second-hand smoke. ( Siegel 2022) Women are affected by both – there is both in increase in women who smoke and a peak in women exposed to smoking. (Rana 2020).

There are both sex and gender differences in lung cancer which may contribute to this