Historically research bias and representation bias has excluded women from research  due to cited reasons of hormonal effects pregnancy and safety to the unborn fetus, establishing the predominant male population as the baseline.

In 2019 the FDA released the Women’s Health by 2030 plan – pushing for the inclusion of more women in clinical trials because the premise of good medicine is good evidence and that means studying diseases, technologies and medications in women


How sex and gender bias has harmed the health of women

FIRST Do no Harm is the basic tenant of the practice of good clinical medicine. Nevertheless, we still hearing about lawsuits of 1 billion dollars being paid out to women whose technologies failed them- from orthopedic implant devices to vaginal meshes? Where have our regulatory processes fallen short? What about the algorithmic bias of AI tools, resulting in inaccurate predictors of health outcomes in women?

About NOGAFem

 NOGAFem is a non govermantal organization (R.A) established  to create a community of practice of researchers, entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, academic scholars and thought leaders who lead sex and gendered innovation, research, services and regulatory processes to fast track and overcome historical knowledge and practice gaps in order to facilitate healthcare equity for all genders.



Our mission is to lead sex and gendered innovation, research, services and regulatory processes to fast track and
fundamentally change how science and business accelerate healthcare equity for all genders.


women's health is an equality issue

Our unique Femtech lens


Speeding up change


NOGAFem is leading a community of practice: health practitioners, researchers,  innovators, healthcare providers , academics and thought leaders who wish to explore the practical methods of introducing gender lens into research and innovation processes according to the FDA's  CDRH strategic health of women plan.



The first summit for Gender Lens in innovation


Alyson McGregor: "Why Medicine Often Has Dangerous Side Effects for Women"

Alyson J. McGregor MD is co-founder and director for the Sex and Gender in Emergency Medicine (SGEM) Division (formerly Women’s Health in Emergency Care) within the Department of Emergency Medicine at Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University.

P​rof. paula Johnson: "Why leave women's health to chance? "

Prof. Paula Adina Johnson, cardiologist and academic leader in the United States. She is currently the president of Wellesley College . Johnson founded and served as the inaugural executive director of the Mary Horrigan Connors Center for Women's Health & Gender Biology 

KAN Digital

Why we cannot compare between women's and men's health (heb)

This is | Digital - the chance of a woman suffering side effects because of an unsuitable medication - is twice the chance of a man. Why? Because medicine only recently understood that men and women aren't the same.   Link to video



The NOGAFem team is made up of a group of diversified, passionate and highly experienced men and women who believe in changing the face of healthcare for women, to improve the lives of all women, thereby ensuring a healthier, more equitable world for all.


NOGAFem Founder & Board member

Medical Marketing executive with deep scientific knowledge and analytical skills
more than 20 year’s experience working with multinational Pharma companies
Strategic consultant to Israeli Biotech Companies with focus on investor decks, disease relevance and market, Hybrid knowledge and experience of medicine and technology


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NOGAFem Founder & C.O.B

 High profile thought leader, with extensive women related policy making experience, Gender lecturer

Extensive managerial experience,

Head of the Industrial Committee at the National Council for Promoting women in science and Technology of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

D.M.D, MA 

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NOGAFem Board member

Yonatan founded and managed twoNGO's, Expert in leadership development, social entrepreneurship, social change, education and training.
Collaborations with government agencies, businesses and NGO's in Israel and abroad
B.A in law and economics from the University of Melbourne, Australia, M.A in philosophy and education

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NOGAFEM Board member

Academic secretary of the Holon Institute of Technology
A decade experience in senior management of large organizations, 
B.A in economics , MBA
franchise to operate TEDx events.

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 NOGAFEM Board member

Strategic and organizational development consultant.
Senior management experience of 15 years in a local authority whith ongoing emergency situation.
MA with honors in organizational counseling, LLB and a mediator certificate. Graduate of design and marketing communications from the Technion.

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NOGAFEm Board member

PhD candidate in Science and Technology Studies, Bar-Ilan University.  Her research focuses on well-being, happiness, and quality- of -life Indicators in policy and in digital health.
Member of IEEE P7010 group .
She leads a team on gender-centered health at the Israel National Council for promoting Women in Science and Technology.
Anat holds an M.A from Columbia University .
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