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                                  NOGAFEM's  a quartely newsletter 


Volume 01

March 2021

The first |International women's day took pace in 1914.

Fast forward to more than 100 years later, the gender gap tracker reveals that unmet needs in women's health remain wide, often neglected  and underfunded.

In this issue of NOGAFEM AGENDA :

Our first WOMEN'S HEALTH MATTERS Presentation highlights 

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Volume 02

July 2021

As the COVID-19 pandemic raged through the world, we founded NOGAFEMout of the critical need to bring theimportance of sex and gender into women’s health and specifically the research and design thinking of innovationsappropriate to the lifetime health of women.

More in this volume of NOGAFEM AGENDA: 

Investor corner

Upcoming events

Highlights from WOMEN'S HEALTH MATTERS 3/6/2021

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Volume 03

September 2021

At the beginning of the Jewish NEW YEAR:

Great reading recommendations  and

upcoming conferences you do not want to miss

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Volume 04

November 2021

Coming soon...

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