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Menopause Matters – How women are misinformed, mismanaged and marginalized

If we normalize the menopause discussion, we can prevent serious illness, chronic conditions and age-related disabilities in women. Without the knowledge of menopause and knowing which healthcare professionals to consult, women cannot receive adequate care for menopause.

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By continuing to feed into the stigma, silence and marginalization of women facing menopause, we are significantly hampered. Without the specialized and integrated care needed, or the unmet need for innovation and technological advancement of technologies and services being fulfilled, women will continue to be negatively impacted by this natural but debilitating process, as well as having the additional burden of unmanaged chronic illnesses that increase significantly increase their morbidity and mortality around this vulnerable time period.

Menopause matters: Managing the bias

Women now live one third of their lives after menopause.

More than 75% of women experience menopausal symptoms, and a quarter of such women describe their symptoms as severe. 1 84% of women report that their symptoms interfere with their lives 1.25 million Israeli women are in perimenopause 2